A Self-Discovery Practice for Prioritizing Goals and Taking Purposeful Action

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A friend asked me "how do you get organized?" That question led me down a rabbit hole of exploring organization from a making order and a coordination perspective. That question led to the creation of the Intellectual Will, a self-discovery practice for explorers who are pivoting to new directions, walking an uncertain path, and needing to prioritize their goals so that they can take purposeful action.

Explorers have an inner world that is filled with visions and dreams, but without action, those dreams remain unleashed and unknown.

If this sounds like you, these are some obstacles you may have encountered:

- You have dreams, but often don't take action to make them a reality

- Your message or where you stand is not understood by others

- You are overcommited

- You are facing uncertainty

- You don't know what direction to go in

- You are following someone else's path

- You don't have a system

- You procrastinate

- You don't hold yourself accountable

- You dont make plans

- You are unhappy with your situation


Discover Your Ambitions - Discover Your Beliefs - Discover Your Tools - Create Your Path

The world needs to experience your dreams. Get organized, make a plan, and get focused so you can take action. It's time you unleashed your dreams and created your path.

I created the Intellectual Will because I wanted to help you, an explorer, get organized.

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8% of Profits Donated

I believe in giving back to pioneers of liberation; those who believed in people over profit. 8% of profits are donated to Grown in Haiti, a Haiti-based organization that promotes reforestation and community development.

I can't tell you how much [the Intellectual Will] has lit the fire within me!

Merissa G. | Construction Professional

[The Intellectual Will] illuminated paths I could not see and offered guidance to traverse them.

Alba L., Ph.D. | Educator

I tend to sleep-walk through my to-do list, but [the Intellectual Will] helped re-acquaint and re-orient me to my deeper goals.

Stephanie, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor

Redefined purpose... [the Intellectual Will] helped me take it back to the basics.

Dana H. | College Basketball Coach

Lisa's guide is encouraging, concise, and easy to follow. I feel I have a clearer path for my second act career.

Nanette M. | Travel Consultant

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Hi, I'm Lisa-Marie, Ph.D.