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Do you like to switch between physical and digital? Order the Intellectual Will bundle and save. Digital file includes: fillable PDF and ePUB.

Please note that the digital journal and the paperback journal will release in Spring 2023. (Shipping included for United States)


Gain Clarity and Discover Your Ambitions

Sometimes the 'what' is clear, but the 'how' is uncertain. The Intellectual Will takes you through your journey and helps you discover your plan of action. 

You're on a quest. 

The Intellectual Will is a 5-part framework for organizing your journey to self-discovery. Start from your origin, continue to your ambitions, your beliefs, your tools, and finally your path. 

Lisa-Marie, Ph.D. is your guide. 

Lisa-Marie, Ph.D takes you on her personal journey through uncertainty to self-discovery. Each narrative is paired with quotes, templates, and exercises. 

Paperback specs

  • wire spiral notebook
  • opens flat
  • 6X9
  • 100 pages of journal content; 50 blank pages of dot grid pages