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Being a Dreamer doesn't mean you aren't a Doer

While in graduate school, I was told I wasn’t “PhD material” and it rocked me to my core. I went on a multi-year journey to figure out what material I was.

That journey began with me believing I wasn’t a good writer then led me to believing I was a procrastinator, and finally led to me believing that I wasn’t focused. As I climbed deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of trying to understand why I wasn’t PhD material, a shift began to happen. I realized that I was once again letting external opinions influence how I thought of myself.

Eventually, I no longer was trying to figure out if I was PhD material or not. I was trying to understand why a comment like that could knock me off my center.

Over time, I created a self-discovery practice to support my inner world that was full of visions and dreams, but without action was remaining unleashed and unknown. 

The Intellectual Will journal is a practice for intentional dreaming that will help you pursue opportunity and teach you how to manage your ideas with clarity, structure, and purpose. It will help you knock down your obstacles: Overcommitted. Directionless. Being misunderstood. Ideas living in your notebooks. Following someone else’s path. 

Stop thinking that you will never achieve your dreams. 

The Intellectual Will journal is a complete system. You’ll be given the tools needed to pivot to new directions, walk an uncertain path, and prioritize goals so that you can take purposeful action.


Discover Your Ambitions - Discover Your Beliefs - Discover Your Tools - Create Your Path

The world needs to experience your dreams. Get organized, make a plan, and get focused so you can take action. It's time you unleashed your dreams and created your path.

I created the Intellectual Will because I wanted to help you, an explorer, get organized.

Inside the journal, you will find personal narratives, quotes, prompts, and journal space that will guide you in: 

Discovering your mission, legacy, values, and goals. 

Discovering your routine, schedule, habits, and productivity software.

Discovering your burnout signs, reflection habits, and thoughts.

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5% of Profits Donated

I believe in giving back to pioneers of liberation; those who believed in people over profit. 5% of profits are donated to Grown in Haiti, a Haiti-based organization that promotes reforestation and community development.

I can't tell you how much [the Intellectual Will] has lit the fire within me!

Merissa G. | Construction Professional

[The Intellectual Will] illuminated paths I could not see and offered guidance to traverse them.

Alba L., Ph.D. | Educator

I tend to sleep-walk through my to-do list, but [the Intellectual Will] helped re-acquaint and re-orient me to my deeper goals.

Stephanie, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor

Redefined purpose... [the Intellectual Will] helped me take it back to the basics.

Dana H. | College Basketball Coach

Lisa's guide is encouraging, concise, and easy to follow. I feel I have a clearer path for my second act career.

Nanette M. | Travel Consultant

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